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Trusted Rental Forklift Company

Jaya Abadi Forfklift is a reputable forklift renting company that was established in 1991. In just a short time, Jaya Abadi Forklift has become one of the key players in rental forklift industry. Jaya Abadi Forklift has  become successful, because we have a consistent commitment in providing the best and professional service to our customers.


Jaya Abadi Forklift places attention on quality and detail of our forklifts. We do regular maintenance and check-ups on all of our forklifts to ensure that we give our customers the best performance on each project that we handle.

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  1. Proven reputation and good relationship with big companies in Indonesia.
  2. Knowledge and Expertise to get the best result for your work environment.
  3. Customer oriented company and will ensure your satisfaction.
  4. Professionally and intensively trained operators.
  5. Healthy units of forklifts with regular maintenance and check-ups.
  6. Competitive prices and Optimal services.
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If you have any questions regarding our service, don't hesitate to contact out Representative Officers; Sukardi (0811898631) or Andrew (0811814316).

If you need English service, please contact Albert (021 33045007).

Or please fill in our contact form.

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