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JA Forklift is a leading forklift rental and forkift rental company founded in 1991. Today we have become one of the key players in the forklift rental industry. The key to our success is a consistent commitment to providing professional and best service to each of our customers.

Location: JA Forklift serves forklift rentals or forklift rentals in major industrial areas, such as: Jakarta, Tangerang Bogor, Bekasi, Cibitung, Cikarang, Karawang, Cikampek, Cikupa, Balaraja, Cikande, Serang and Cilegon. We provide forklift delivery to various places inside and outside Java to meet our customers’ requests.

Rental options: JA Forklift  also offers different rental packages for our customers depending on their needs. Some of the options we offer are wholesale rentals, daily rentals, short-term contracts (monthly), and also long-term contracts (annual).

Capacity: JA Forklift has a wide selection of forklift fleets with the following features and lifting capacities: 2.5 tonnes, 3 tonnes, 4 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 7 tonnes, 10 tonnes, 15 tonnes, 20 tonnes, 23 tonnes and 25 tonnes.

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